Summer and Spring Nail Design Ideas and Colorful Nail Polish


These spring-summer 2019 nail trends give you more than a reason to pull your hands out of your pocket in the spring.
Spring comes quickly, and although you don’t have to worry about whether you’re ready for a bikini — if you have a bathing suit — you can call your favorite manicure artist. Because the season of ice cream is the best time to demonstrate your game with a manicure. And the nail trends for spring-summer 2019 are something to look forward to. Be it big house fans or minimalists, this season you will find the right style. Make an appointment and see what has passed, what is left, and what’s new when it comes to putting fashion at your fingertips.

This completely imperfect spring is also applicable to your nail polish. Perhaps the easiest to care manicure of all time, it manifests itself in all the nuances, from neon to nu. Get the look by putting a little paint on the nail to give it a dirty look. But do not be fooled: the tendency is more similar to the make-up philosophy “without make-up” than to justify neglecting the nails.


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