Crochet Dress

56+ Free and Awesome Crochet Dresses Pattern Ideas and Images 2020


We are great masters of yarn and DIY lovers, so it is not surprising that we enjoy creating at least one fun summer dress design using our yarn skills every year. This year we were completely fascinated with the idea of ​​knitting in a beautiful dress, but this idea scared us a little. It is true that many knitted dresses have many lace and many skills, but this does not mean that there are no textbooks that can help you, or impressive models that are a bit more manageable! We also wondered if we could get too hot, but when we saw how light and airy most of the clothes we like were, we were sure we would still wear it.

In case you are in love with the beautiful styles of returning a beautiful knit dress, like us, here are some great models to get you started!

Knitting a very long dress may seem like a daunting task, and it is certainly a commitment for your time, money and skills, but imagine a sense of accomplishment you will feel when you finally try on the dress you actually made yourself. ! We simply like the beautiful style at the top of the dress and the way it contrasts with the beautiful pineapple stitch that adorns the bottom. See the whole dress in more detail in Craft Craft!


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