Crochet Bag

58+ Free and Cute Crochet Bag Pattern ideas For Women


You’re a Sex and the City girl looking at beautiful bags of Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci and Michael Kors in a shop window, but you cry from the inside because you know you can’t afford it. Yes, I am such a girl, and when tears run down my face, I understand how stupid it is just by name. As if the light was on all the time, because right now I understand that I can make my own DIY bags.

When I learn to knit bags, I smile from ear to ear, knowing that I not only save my money, but also invest time and effort to get exactly what I want. There is nothing more pleasant than starting and finishing a project that you have done with your own hands, so we present this new e-book full of all kinds of DIY bags!

In the section “How to make crochet bags: 11 fantastic craft bags” you will find wallets, clutches and bags, so there is in fact a style that suits almost everyone. If you are looking for something unusual for a pleasant occasion, you will like the selection of clutches we have, but if you are looking for an informal bag, we also have something. We provide crochet patterns, all you have to do is grab thread and hooks and grab them.


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